Your Legacy

Build, Grow & Safeguard Your Wealth

Protect Your Family & Business’s Future, and

Pass-on Your Legacy to Next-generation Amicably

You have given your blood and soul to build your business but have you thought how would you safeguard your wealth & family? An effective succession planning helps you preserve a legacy that furthers your wealth, family & values.

— Rakesh Sharma (Your Family Business Mentor)

Did you know

Due to lack of awareness & practical application of Succession Act, most entrepreneurs invite —

Disputes among the family members on distribution of their wealth & legacy

Harassments from Bankers, Govt Authority, Creditors, Financial Lenders, etc.

Uncertainty among key stakeholders of business, and many more such troubles

To avoid such unwanted situations, you need...

Effective Succession Planning

A Succession Planning is a systemic way and process where you not only build & grow your wealth but also ensure your legacy, wealth, IPR, property, business etc. are transferred to the most desirable persons as per your wish so that your legacy is preserved & carried on for hundreds of years to come.

When you have a fail-proof succession planning, you ensure —

Your family lives with prosperity for years (even when you’re not around)

Your loved-ones are well protected from internal tussle & litigations

Key employees stay with your firm even after your retirement

Next generations of your family take your business & legacy to new heights

The single most important part of a succession plan is having one and
the most important step is getting started. Let Rakesh Sharma help you do it effectively.

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Future Proof Your Business

(A Full-Day Workshop)

In this workshop you will learn how to –

Create real wealth in the shortest time

Preserve your wealth and legacy

Pass on your wealth/legacy amicably

100 Years Legacy Model

(A 3-month Signature Program)

This signature program offers –

Biggest training ever on succession planning

Tools & guides to plan your succession

In-depth analysis & guidance

Just one word – Outstanding! If you are an entrepreneur and if you haven't attended Rakesh’s workshops yet, you have done great injustice to yourself.”

— Rahul Sood (CEO of IPM India Pvt Ltd)

Meet Rakesh Sharma

India's #1 Succession Guru for Family Businesses

Rakesh Sharma is a renowned speaker, writer and financial consultant for entrepreneurs, estate-planners and SMEs. He is well recognized as a “Thought Leader” on the subjects of Succession Planning, Estate Planning and Business Growth.

Rakesh has helped over 5000+ entrepreneurs build and protect wealth through his succession planning workshops and one-to-one consulting.

With 26+ years of professional experience, he is known for his impeccable energy and zeal to excel, he is on strategy board of many SMEs and family or business councils where he helps senior executive chalk-out blueprint of growth and success.

He has a heart-felt focus in the specialized areas of Succession Planning where he helps entrepreneurs like you grow wealth, protect family’s future and preserve legacy.


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Words of testimony

I am at my peace because of you.

Thank you Rakesh for connecting our heritage values with business. With your help I draft my succession so well that now even by 12-year old son knows what stacks do we have in our business.

Pravin Mittal

Rakesh is a living legend for me.

I am amazed with the energy and passion Rakesh educates and empowers people. His knowledge & wisdom are unparalleled. Attend his workshop to know how to keep your legacy flourish.

Satish Garg
(MD-Graffiti Exports)

Rakesh saved me from the big mess.

I wasn’t aware what mess I was going into. I run a successful business but without any succession planning. He made me realize what injustice I could have committed to my family.

Head of Family Run Business

How Rakesh helps you?

Rakesh helps you prepare a blueprint to make sure your legacy flourish where you are around and even when you decide to retire. He empowers you to —

Identify & Groom True Successors

For the success of any business it is critical to build next-gen leadership that share your vision and have the same zeal.

Have Fool-proof Business Succession

Creating an environment where all the stakeholders of business - be it partnership firm or family owned - have full clarity about the roles and financial dealings.

Have Fail-proof Family Succession

So that you can enjoy the benefits of what you have worked so hard and plan better without short sight decisions and internal conflicts.

Learn strategies & different tools required for a successful Succession Planning, most growing industries and family run businesses adapt for success!
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I shall never forget those 15 minutes which I spent talking with Rakesh over phone. Those minutes changed my life completely.”

— Nikhil V Kumar (Managing Partner Kikomo)